January 26, 2020

Climate Issues; Dairy Developments; Crop Insurance; and Biofuels

Categories: Climate Change

Climate Issues: Copenhagen Background- U.S. Tries to Jolt Talks Forward

An update posted yesterday at reported that, “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United States would help to raise $100 billion annually through 2020 for a fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change — but only if all countries submit to outside verification of their carbon emissions. [A full transcript and video replay of Sec. Clinton’s presentation yesterday is available here.]

“Clinton’s offer is intended to end a stalemate with China at the Copenhagen talks. China has refused to allow outside inspectors to monitor its emissions reductions. Its response to Clinton’s speech was muted, and it was unclear whether the offer of a massive fund would jump-start talks.”

The CQ article noted that, “Until now, the United States had committed only $1.2 billion to such a global fund for 2010, and support for a $10 billion global fund through 2012. The European Union also made an offer of $3.6 billion annually through 2012. But developing nations and U.N. leaders have repeatedly urged rich countries to kick in more, and Japan upped the ante last night with a commitment of $15 billion annually for two years.”