January 21, 2020

Climate Issues; Farm Bill; Sec. Vilsack’s Staff; and Biofuels

Climate Issues: Agricultural Concerns

Eric Roper reported on Friday at the Hot Dish Politics Blog (The Minneapolis Star Tribune) that, “Blue Dog Democrat Collin Peterson, who played a major role securing rural lawmakers’ support for cap-and-trade legislation this summer, said today he would vote ‘no’ if a similar bill returned to the House for final passage.

“The Agriculture Committee chairman said he was ‘stuck voting’ for the bill (which is now awaiting Senate action) in June because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi granted his requests for broad agriculture concessions, but won’t support it again if it remains unchanged.

“He made the comment during an appearance on a conservative talk radio show hosted by Scott Hennen in Fargo, N.D. [audio here].”