February 28, 2020

Climate Issues; Federal Debt; Trade; and Food Safety

Climate Issues: EPA Regulation

Kim Murphy reported yesterday at the Greenspace Blog (Los Angeles Times) that, “[U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska)] staff says she is poised to act this week on a proposed amendment (download Murkowski’s amendment here) to bar the EPA in the coming year from using the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide. The Alaska senator’s staff says she will either introduce the amendment on Wednesday or take a different tack and on Thursday introduce a ‘disapproval resolution’ — essentially seeking to invoke a congressional veto of the EPA’s proposed finding that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere threaten public health.

“The so-called endangerment finding, announced last April, is a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s attack on climate change.”

Ms. Murphy indicated that, “‘This isn’t about the science of climate change. The issue is, everyone agrees that EPA regulation of greenhouse gas stationary sources is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare, and really pose a serious threat to the economy,’ said Robert Dillon, communications director for the Senate energy and natural resources committee. ‘So why move forward with something that even the president has said is the worst possible solution to greenhouse gases?’”