January 21, 2020

Farm Bill; Federal Debt; Legislative Agenda- Climate Issues; Crop Insurance; Nutrition Programs; and USDA Nomination

Farm Bill

DTN Political Correspondent Jerry Hagstrom reported yesterday (link requires subscription) that, β€œHouse Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., said he plans to begin hearings on the 2012 farm bill in March or April of this year and that he is determined to write a bipartisan bill that is within the funding baseline that exists in 2012.

β€œThe funding baseline is the amount of money that the Congressional Budget Office determines would be spent on all programs in the farm bill if the same programs were to continue after 2012. CBO projects the funding levels based on spending in programs in past years.

β€œPeterson said at least initially he expects each major farm bill section — the farm program, conservation and nutrition — to stay within its 2012 baseline.”