January 19, 2020

Budget Issues; Climate Issues; Farm Bill; Biofuels; and Political Notes

Budget: Reactions to Executive Branch Agricultural Proposals

Bloomberg writer Alan Bjerga reported earlier this week that, “U.S. Department of Agriculture spending would rise 2.3 percent to $132.3 billion in fiscal 2011 as the number of people receiving aid to buy groceries, the USDA’s biggest expense, reaches records, the government said.

“The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly called food stamps, will cost $75.3 billion in the year starting Oct. 1, up 3.9 percent from this year, accounting for most of the overall increase, according to the budget President Barack Obama sent to Congress today. Agricultural subsidies would fall 11 percent as the administration tries to limit payments to wealthy farmers.

“A record 37.9 million people, or about one of every eight Americans, received food stamps in October, as the jobless rate reached a 26-year high, the USDA said on Jan. 12. Participation in the program that month was up 22 percent from a year earlier, setting a record for the 11th straight month.”