January 19, 2020

Food Security; Dairy Issue; Aquaculture; Sec. Vilsack (USDA); Biofuels; Climate Issues; and California Water

Categories: Climate Change /Ethanol

Food Security- Focus on India and Biotechnology

The AP reported yesterday that, “Last week, India halted the commercial release of the world’s first genetically engineered eggplant, called Bt brinjal. The environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, said that given the lack of consensus within the scientific community and the pitch of public opposition, further study was needed to guarantee consumer safety.

Why the skepticism over a technology many scientists say is crucial for feeding the 9 billion people who will populate the planet by 2050?

“To many in India, embracing Bt brinjal — which has a gene owned by Monsanto Co — also means embracing corporate farming and surrendering some control of the nation’s food supply to a powerful foreign company. They worry this could have disastrous consequences for the nation’s 100 million small farming families.”