January 21, 2020

Climate Issues; Biofuels; Food Security; Farm Bill; Crop Insurance; Animal Agriculture; Trade; and CFTC Issues

Climate Issues

Jim Snyder reported yesterday at The Hill Online that, “Senate Republicans on Tuesday seized on errors in a United Nations climate change report and the recent ‘Climategate’ e-mail controversy to press the administration to drop its push to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

“Democrats, meanwhile, countered that the overwhelming evidence suggested human activity was causing global warming and compared climate change skeptics to people in the 1930s who refused to believe Nazism was a threat.” (Note: To listen to an audio clip from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who made the 1930s reference, just click here (MP3-1:38)).

“The debate, which took place at a Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee hearing that was scheduled to review the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 budget, will likely do little to build consensus around climate change legislation or an effort at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate heat-trapping gases.”