January 19, 2020

Senate Ag Appropriations Hearing; Disaster Payments- Biodiesel Tax Credit; Climate Issues; Livestock Issues; and Trade

Senate Ag Appropriations Hearing

Philip Brasher reported yesterday at the Green Fields Blog (The Des Moines Register) that, “The Obama administration doesn’t want to spend as much money on land conservation as the 2008 farm bill calls for, but the programs would still grow under the president’s budget, says Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

“That was his pushback when fellow Iowan, Sen. Tom Harkin, argued at a Senate appropriations hearing today that the budget would result in a 4-million acre cut to federal conservation programs.

It’s a cut because the administration is asking for less money than Congress authorized, but the total spending and acreage would actually increase from this year to next, which is Vilsack’s point.”