January 17, 2020

Climate Issues; Farm Bill; Ag Econ Issues; Trade; and Recess Appointments

Climate Issues

As a general political background to the climate debate, the AP reported yesterday that, “Obama has a choice to make about the next phase of his presidency, said William Galston, a former domestic policy aide in Bill Clinton’s White House and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. That phase runs between now and about August, when the campaign season for November’s congressional elections will consume even more of lawmakers’ time.

“Obama can follow through on his promised shift back to the economy – pursuing more jobs bills and a revamp of Wall Street regulations – and then hone in on helping Democrats win election. Or he can add in aggressive campaigns to pass immigration and climate-change legislation this year.

“The Obama White House ‘had a political near-death experience over health care the past few months. It turned out OK in the end, but it was a close call,’ Galston said. ‘So I think they have to ask themselves: Do they think Democratic elected officials and the electorate have the stomach for a lot more controversy?’”