December 10, 2019

Farm Bill Hearings; Ag Economy; and Environmental Issues

House Ag Committee Farm Bill Field Hearings

(Editor’s Note: Friday’s update mistakenly referred to Jerry Hagstrom as DTN’s Ag Policy Editor. Mr. Hagstrom is DTN’s Political Correspondent.)

Friday, Des Moines, Iowa

DTN Ag Policy Editor Chris Clayton reported on Friday that, “Farmers in Iowa told congressmen changes are needed in the farm safety net’s new revenue program as lawmakers cautioned about the fiscal challenges they will face trying to write the next farm bill.

“The House Agriculture Committee is starting work on the farm bill early and is raising questions regarding what should be changed in the farm safety net and crop insurance. On Friday, six members of the committee listened to testimony all afternoon at an Iowa field hearing. They heard from crop producers, livestock producers, a dairy farmer, a representative of the crop insurance industry and dairy and biodiesel processors.”

( Note: An audio replay of Friday’s hearing is available here. To listen to opening remarks from Ranking Member Frank Lucas (R-Oklahoma) regarding some of the Farm Bill’s goals, as well as a perspective on Sec. Vilsack’s earlier testimony to the Committee, just click here (MP3-2:03). To listen to a portion of the closing statement from Rep. Lucas, in which he notes that, “Sometimes we work with administration and sometimes we educative administrations,” just click here (MP3-0:52).