January 16, 2019

Animal Agriculture (HSUS, Ohio); Farm Bill; Rural Development (Broadband); Biofuels

Categories: Ethanol /Farm Bill

Animal Agriculture (HSUS, Ohio)

Alan Johnson reported late last week at The Columbus Dispatch Online (Ohio) that, “Ohioans will see new standards for raising animals ranging from chickens, hogs and calves to puppies, bears and alligators as part of a deal reached yesterday to keep a constitutional issue off the fall ballot.

“Gov. Ted Strickland helped engineer an eleventh-hour compromise between the Humane Society of the United States [HSUS] and the Ohio Farm Bureau, which are contentious rivals on the subject of farm-animal care. Yesterday was the deadline to submit issues for the November election.

“‘I just did not think it was in Ohioans’ best interests to have an acrimonious ballot issue debated,’ Strickland said at a news conference at his Statehouse office. ‘This is something that is good for Ohio agriculture and good for animal welfare in this state.’”