October 16, 2018

Farm Policy: Perceptions and Perspectives; Animal Ag; Trade; and Climate Issues

Farm Policy: Perceptions and Perspectives

Ana Radelat of the Capitol News Connection reported on Friday that, “With bare-knuckle fights over ethanol, lawmakers fiercely defensive of local crop programs and the Department of Agriculture in the bull’s eye for budget cutters, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s job isn’t easy.

“‘Today’s producers face challenges from many different directions … including their government,’ Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, complained this week at a Senate hearing on the next farm bill.

Since taking over the USDA last year, Vilsack, 59, has reached out to organic and other small farmers while trying to soothe the concerns of big producers. He’s also had to defend certain Obama administration policies that have infuriated farm interests — all while promoting a vision of rebirth for the nation’s heartland.”