October 16, 2018

Trade; Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA); Farm Bill (Nutrition Issues); Biofuels; Climate Issues; and Food Prices


Edward Luce reported earlier this week at the Financial Times Online that, “Barack Obama on Wednesday set up a high-level panel of American chief executives in his effort to double US exports over the next five years, even as economists were sceptical of his chances of getting anywhere near that target.

“The move, which the US president said would help create higher-paying manufacturing jobs, comes amid mounting concern about the persistence of high unemployment in the build-up to November’s midterm elections.”

The FT article explained that, “There are more than 100 regional and bilateral trade agreements under negotiation around the world but the US is involved in only one, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the WTO says.

“‘There has never been a five-year period where the US has doubled its exports,’ says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, a research group.”

“Wednesday’s move comes as Democrats are starting to worry that their party will lose control of the House of Representatives in November. Voters cite the economy and jobs as their main concerns,” the FT article said.