October 16, 2018

Climate Issues; Biofuels; Disaster Aid; Biofuels; Nutrition; Trade; and Farm Costs

Climate Issues

Sam Youngman reported yesterday at The Hill’s Energy Blog that, “Climate measures could be added in conference to an energy bill the Senate will take up this week, according to the White House.

“White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he wouldn’t rule out adding some climate measures to the legislation in conference, assuming a scaled-down energy bill passes the Senate.”

The update indicated that, “The measure in the Senate drops the language from the House dealing with climate change and carbon emissions. By dropping those controversial measures, Democrats hope they can pass a bill through the Senate before lawmakers leave for the August recess.

“‘I don’t think the bill is essentially dead for the year,’ Gibbs said. ‘The House passed a very strong and very comprehensive energy bill last year. The Senate is going to take up a version that is more scaled down, but still has some important aspects, particularly dealing with how we deal with oil spills in the future.’

“He added: ‘I don’t think that closes the door. Once a bill passes each house, it doesn’t close the door to having some sort of conference.’”

In addition, Mr. Youngman stated that, “Gibbs said tackling expanded legislation in conference isn’t something that would have to wait for a lame-duck session.

“‘We could do it in September,’ he said.”