August 15, 2018

Policy Issues; Climate Developments; Agricultural Economy; Trade; EPA; Biofuels; and Health Care

Policy Issues: Payment Limits

Tom Steever reported yesterday at Brownfield that, “Senator Charles Grassley expects no immediate action on the federal farm payment limit proposal he introduced with Wisconsin Democratic Senator Russ Feingold. The Iowa Republican says the measure was put forward far enough in advance of the 2012 farm bill to let people know he’s not giving up on limiting farm payments to $250,000 per entity. Grassley has tried unsuccessfully in the past to insert such a limitation in farm legislation.

“‘We have nothing against big farmers,’ said Senator Grassley, in a conference call to reporters Tuesday morning. ‘Big farmers can continue to get big if they want to, but we feel that without having a reasonable payment limitation that we’re subsidizing big farmers to get bigger.’”

The Brownfield update added that, “Grassley says that what’s changed since his last attempt to limit payments is the greater public scrutiny of federal spending.

“‘The farm program is one of those many issues where we can save money,’ said Grassley, ‘and people are very concerned about the deficit so this very great concern at the grassroots about the deficit, I think, is going to help us more than anything else.’”