February 25, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Biotech, Climate Issues; and Political Notes

Farm Bill

Mark Maslyn, the executive director of public policy at The American Farm Bureau Federation, penned an outline piece looking at agricultural issues that was posted at The Hill’s Congress Blog on Friday (“A fresh look at agriculture in the 112th Congress”).

In part, Friday’s update noted that, “There’s no question that the 112th Congress will bring new faces and changes to Washington. A few may be familiar with farm policy, but like the public-at-large, most of them won’t. Even the agriculture committees that will write the next farm bill won’t be immune to these changes. As with any new Congress, the American Farm Bureau Federation is looking forward to working with new members to help them better understand one of the nation’s most vital industries.

“With the farm bill, we realize we are living in a different economic and political landscape as compared to when the 2008 farm bill was written. So, as the new agriculture committees settle in and begin work on this important legislation, Farm Bureau will work with committee members to help them understand the role of farm programs and develop a bill that provides an effective and responsive safety net for producers across the country.”