February 25, 2020

Policy Issues; Crop Insurance; Egg Production; Climate; Biofuels; and Political Notes

Categories: Climate Change /Ethanol

Policy Issues- Corn Sweetener

Philip Brasher reported yesterday at the Green Fields Blog (Des Moines Register) that, “Soft drinks sweetened with corn may have a bigger impact on weight gain and other health issues than previously thought, if a study of fructose levels in sodas stands up.

“The study being published this week in the journal Obesity found that the sugar found in soft drinks may contain as much as 65 percent fructose. The corn sweetener level used in sodas is supposed to contain a nearly equal mixture of fructose and glucose, a similar ratio to that found in table sugar. Fructose tastes sweeter than glucose and fructose may be a larger contributor to weight gain because of the way the body metabolizes it, said the researchers at the University of Southern California. Fructose consumption also may be linked to high blood pressure and other health problems. The highest levels of fructose were found in Coca-Cola, Sprite and Pepsi products, both those sold in bottles and as fountain drinks.

“Representatives of the American Beverage Association and the Corn Refiners Association disputed the results. Maureen Storey, a senior vice president of the ABA, said it is implausible that the soft drinks would contain more than 55 percent fructose, the level found in the high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten them.”