September 23, 2019

Disaster Aid; Biofuels; Animal Ag; Food Safety; Trade; Climate; and Political Notes

Disaster Aid

Dan Morgan reported on Friday at The Fiscal Times Online that, “When politically embattled Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas announced in September that the Obama administration had delivered on its promise to provide hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to farmers hit by wet weather in 2009, a key selling point was that it would not increase the federal deficit.

“A Sept. 15 press release from her office stated that the $630 million in assistance — targeted heavily toward farmers in Arkansas and other southern states — was ‘paid for’ and was ‘deficit neutral.’

“But an examination of the program’s funding mechanism by The Fiscal Times found that it will result in an increase in the budget deficit and require additional borrowing by the government. USDA and federal budget officials contacted for this article did not take issue with that conclusion.”