September 18, 2019

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Climate; Trade; Animal Agriculture; and Food Safety

Farm Bill

Alan Beattie reported yesterday at The Financial Times Online that, “The Republicans have portrayed themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility. But even Republicans on the heavily conservative wing of the party have only suggested broad outlines for cuts to balance the budget.”

Nonetheless, Tony Kindelspire reported on Sunday at the Longmont Times-Call Online (Colorado) that, “Tuesday’s election has farmers across the country nervous, according to Kent Peppler, a fourth-generation farmer near Mead who also is president of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

It’s not because the Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives; it’s how they took control and what that might mean for the 2012 Farm Bill, which is being crafted now.

“‘The Republicans were elected primarily on the platform of cutting spending, so that’s not good news for the Farm Bill,’ said Peppler, who grows a variety of crops on about 500 acres. ‘Under the budget constraints that we’re seeing right now, we could see some severe attacks on the Farm Bill itself.’”