September 18, 2019

Farm Bill; Biofuels; Food Safety; Climate Issues; and Ag Economy

Farm Bill- Lawmaker Perspectives

Yesterday on the AgriTalk Radio Program, host Mike Adams spoke with current House Agriculture Committee member Jerry Moran (R-Kansas), who was just elected to the U.S. Senate.

In part the conversation focused on the 2012 Farm Bill debate, which is now underway in a political environment where many newly elected GOP lawmakers campaigned this fall on the prospect of cutting the size of the federal budget. Mr. Adams inquired, “Is that going to mean significant cuts to agriculture spending?”

After outlining some of the spending allocations under the 2008 Farm Bill and pointing out that over 70 percent of Farm Bill spending goes to nutrition related programs, Rep. Moran indicated that a bigger threat to agriculture could come from expanding federal regulations relating to the environment and animal rights; he noted that the GOP stands a better chance of holding off additional regulatory threats to production agriculture. As an example, Rep. Moran indicated that a Republican House would not have passed a cap and trade bill. So, as he sees it, the Republican gains in the House and Senate are a positive development for U.S. agriculture.

To listen to this interesting exchange from yesterday’s AgriTalk program, just click here, (MP3-2:56)