December 6, 2019

Farm Bill (Debt Commission); Food Safety; Nutrition; Biofuels; Ag Economy; and EPA Issues

Farm Bill (Debt Commission)

AP writers Andrew Taylor and Tom Raum reported today that, “A painful package of spending cuts and tax increases drew sharp challenges from both the left and right on President Barack Obama’s deficit commission Wednesday, putting approval in doubt. However, both parties’ Senate budget point men embraced the plan, and even opponents called it a starting point for efforts next year to control the nation’s ballooning debt.”

“The 18-member bipartisan commission scheduled a vote on the plan for Friday. But as Wednesday’s meeting demonstrated, the co-chairmen, Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, face a difficult chore in rounding up the 14 votes needed to officially send the plan to Congress for consideration.”

The AP article added that, “[Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND)] said there were ‘things in this plan that I dislike intensely.’ Yet, he said he was prepared to support it ‘and support it strongly. I don’t see another alternative.’”

(Note: To listen to remarks on the debt commission outline from Sen. Conrad, who is also a senior member of the Agriculture Committee, just click here (MP3- 4:24), and a press release on this issue yesterday from Sen. Conrad is available here).