November 17, 2019

Farm Bill; Regulations; Biotech; and Ag Economy

Farm Bill: Political Notes- Budget and Spending

David Rogers reported yesterday at Politico that, “Alarmed by new deficit estimates, the Senate Budget Committee signaled Thursday that it may go beyond its typical five-year spending resolution this spring and instead pick up where a presidential commission left off last month, forcing votes on a longer-range scheme for deficit reduction.

“Leading members of both parties on the committee expressed an openness to that approach, and if the initiative were to gain steam in the Senate, it could become a vehicle to bring President Barack Obama and the new House Republican majority to the table.

“‘I’m not certain that it’s not going to fall to us to put a plan out there for our colleagues on the floor,’ said committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). ‘I’m going to be having discussions with members of the committee on both sides to see what the feeling would be about our taking this on and laying a plan before our colleagues.’”

(FarmPolicy Note: Extended remarks on this issue from Chairman Conrad at yesterday’s Budget Committee hearing can be heard here (MP3- 2:40)).