January 29, 2020

Farm Bill Issues; and the Agricultural Economy

Farm Bill: Budget Issues- Political Background- FY 2012 Budget Request

Josh Gerstein reported yesterday at Politico that, “President Barack Obama used his first press conference of the year Tuesday to defend his new budget plan against critics who say it doesn’t move quickly enough to cut the federal government’s massive deficit and fails to confront the difficult choices needed to reform ballooning entitlement programs.

“‘You guys are pretty impatient. If something doesn’t happen today, then the assumption is it isn’t going to happen,’ Obama said. ‘My goal here is to actually solve the problem….It’s not to get a good headline on the first day.’”

The article stated that, “Obama denied that by failing to propose major entitlement reforms he was abandoning the plan presented in December by most members of a bipartisan commission he set up to tackle the nation’s grim fiscal picture.”