January 29, 2020

Farm Bill Issues; Regulations; and the Agricultural Economy

Farm Bill: Budget Issues- Political Background- FY 2012 Budget Request

Shira Toeplitz reported yesterday at Politico that, “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner trekked back up to Capitol Hill Wednesday for his second day of defending President Barack Obama’s proposed budget, arguing [at a Senate Finance Committee hearing] that a gradual approach to tackling debt is smarter than a sudden, sharp spending-cut strategy, in light of the wobbly economy.

“‘First, we must lower deficits over a multi-year period to stabilize or reduce the national debt as a share of the economy,’ Geithner said in his prepared remarks. ‘Deficit reduction needs to be gradual to avoid endangering the recovery.’”

The article noted that, “Geithner delivered similar remarks to the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday.”