January 29, 2020

Continuing Resolution; Farm Bill; and the Agricultural Economy

Continuing Resolution

Manu Raju reported yesterday at Politico that, “Top Senate Democrats have informed the White House that they are putting together a seven-month continuing resolution that will include some spending cuts outlined in President Barack Obama’s proposed 2012 budget, according to a Democratic aide with knowledge of the negotiations.

Democrats have yet to reveal how deep their cuts will be, but the latest move shows that Senate Democrats are trying to determine a new negotiating stand while House Republicans insist on their $61 billion in cuts to fiscal 2011 federal spending.

“Democratic leadership aides and Senate Appropriations Committee staff are putting this plan together in hopes of averting the need for a short-term budget bill before the government runs out of money on March 4. Democrats said they want to propose a plan that will show their commitment to cut future spending that goes beyond their calls to freeze domestic discretionary spending over five years.”