January 27, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Trade; GIPSA; and Biofuels

Farm Bill Issues

Dave Helling reported earlier this week at the Kansas City Star Online that, “Liberals and conservatives aiming to close trillion-dollar federal budget gaps may soon reach a rare consensus on a common target for spending cuts: The American farmer.

“‘Agriculture is clearly in the crosshairs for significant reductions,’ said Sen. Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican and a longtime champion of farm interests in Washington.”

The article stated that, “The nation’s creaking, decades-old system of farm subsidies, crop insurance, conservation programs and disaster relief is controversial even in good budget times.

“But with federal deficits and debt at unheard-of levels, the $10 billion to $25 billion spent each year on farm supports is attracting new scrutiny from the right and the left.”