January 26, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Trade; and Regulations

Farm Bill Issues

On Monday, the House Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee released its draft of the fiscal year 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill; and yesterday, the Appropriations Subcommittee held a markup of the bill.

In a statement delivered yesterday, Subcommittee Chairman Jack Kingston (R- GA) indicated that, “This subcommittee has begun making some of the tough choices necessary to right the ship. We have taken spending to below pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels while ensuring USDA, FDA, CFTC, and other agencies are provided the necessary resources to fulfill their duties.”

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), the full Appropriations Committee Chairman, noted yesterday that, “The bill we have before us works to put the agencies funded by this bill on a sustainable budget path, while continuing to fund assistance to farmers, rural communities and low-income families. Where necessary, we have cut funding for duplicative programs and limited funding for programs that have been less than transparent with taxpayer money.”