January 27, 2020

Biofuels; Ag Economy; Trade; Food Safety; Budget; and the Farm Bill


National Public Radio (NPR) reporter Don Gonyea reported on Sunday’s Weekend Edition program that, “There has long been a truism for presidential hopefuls in Iowa. If you want to do well in the first of the nation caucuses, then you’d better support subsidies for ethanol. Yet this year, with overall federal spending and deficits becoming such a major issue, the political rules regarding ethanol may be changing.

“Go back and listen to Iowa stump speeches from candidates past — Democrat and Republican alike, front runners and long shots — and you’ll hear lines that have been music to the ears of the states’ corn growers.

“‘I support ethanol and I support ethanol strongly,’ George W. Bush said in 1999. ‘And I’d support ethanol whether I was here in Iowa or not.’”