February 24, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Trade; and CFTC

Farm Bill: Budget- Supercommittee Concerns

An update posted yesterday at the Oklahoma Farm Report Online reported that, “The top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, Collin Peterson of Minnesota, denies he and House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas have been communicating during the August recess about the possible budget cuts to be demanded by the so called Super Committee. Peterson says he does not think the Republicans know what to do on budget cutting- so have done nothing to this point.

“The former Chairman believes that the Super Committee is a ‘dumb idea’ but unfortunately is the law- he does not believe the Super Committee will be able to come to a deal that everyone can live with -which will result in sequestration- or across the board cuts on many programs within the federal budget.

“Peterson contends that only agriculture has already made deficit reduction– and so he is reluctant to offer any further cuts to the Super Committee.”