February 23, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Food Safety; and Regulations

Farm Bill: Policy Issues

Greenwire writer Jean Chemnick reported yesterday at The New York Times Online that, “The first eight months of 2011 have been a difficult time for American farmers, who have seen their operations disrupted by an endless stream of snowstorms, floods, droughts and record heat affecting regions across the country.

“As a result, farmers and their trade associations are telling Washington they need a more robust crop insurance safety net, making disaster relief a top ask for the 2012 farm bill. They are also hoping that insurance programs are spared in this autumn’s deficit-reduction talks.

“Still, agriculture groups are reluctant to link their new emphasis on risk management to the weather events of the past few years, and they reject outright the notion that they are trying to insulate themselves from climate change.”