February 21, 2020

Farm Bill; Trade; Ag Economy; and Regulations

Farm Bill Issues

DTN Ag Policy Editor Chris Clayton reported on Friday that, “The American Farm Bureau Federation sent a letter to lawmakers Friday describing the pitfalls of the ‘shallow loss’ farm-bill proposals that have dominated talks about cutting farm programs.

“Though Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman’s letter to members of the House and Senate expressed skepticism for a major overhaul in the current safety net, Farm Bureau also pitched its own new proposal that would work as a disaster program for farmers. This latest proposal from Farm Bureau would function similar to a county or regional crop-loss plan.

“With political pressures of a farm-bill written in haste during the Super Committee process, Farm Bureau’s letter reflects that not all farmers are comfortable breaking away from the traditional safety net and relying more heavily on crop insurance. Further, Farm Bureau leaders are concerned about the structure of a shallow-loss farm program that could lead to double dipping in crop insurance and the commodity safety net.”