February 21, 2020

Farm Bill and Supercommittee Issues

Categories: Budget /Farm Bill

Farm Bill: Legislative Branch

DTN Political Correspondent Jerry Hagstrom reported yesterday that, “While leaders of the Senate and House agriculture committees fend off criticism that no farm bill is necessary when farmers are so prosperous, they and their staffs — particularly their staffs — are expected to work through the weekend to try to complete a farm bill proposal for the super committee in charge of deficit reduction by Tuesday.

“Criticisms are coming because of the current farm incomes and some of the behind-closed-doors nature of sending a bill through the super committee. Those complaints prompted Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., to state the new yet-to-be-unveiled program amounts to real reform.

“‘We are undertaking a monumental shift in federal farm policy — one that saves billions of taxpayer dollars by ending payments to farmers who don’t need them,’ Stabenow said in an email. ‘U.S. farm policy should be based on risk management and only help farmers when they are in distress, facing events such as natural disasters or sudden drops in price.’”