February 27, 2020

Agricultural Economy

Georgina Gustin reported last week at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Online that, “Farmland values have doubled over the past decade, as commodity prices have soared and net incomes along with them. In some areas of the Midwest, farmland values have jumped as much as 25 percent in the past year. Auctions, which have become a preferred method of buying and selling land, are turning into spectacles.

“‘You have two people who want a piece of land, and they start fighting over it,’ said Mike Duffy, professor of economics at Iowa State University. ‘We had a sale in northwest Iowa, and it went for $16,750 an acre.’

“That figure was a record for Iowa, where farmland values are among the highest in the Midwest. Farmland owners, in fact, are sitting on some of the most attractive investments around.”


Farm Bill Issues; Supercommittee Developments; and Animal Agriculture

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Farm Bill Issues

Jim Spencer reported late last week at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Online that, “The farm subsidy payments that have been worth billions to Minnesota farmers could soon give way to a far less costly program of expanded crop insurance.

“The far-reaching change is outlined in a bipartisan plan expected to be submitted next week to the congressional deficit committee examining ways to cut federal spending, Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson told the Star Tribune.”