October 19, 2019

Farm Bill; Supercommittee Developments; Regulations; and the Ag Economy

Farm Bill Issues

Philip Brasher reported earlier this week at The Des Moines Register Online that, “Lawmakers missed a self-imposed deadline Tuesday for having a new farm bill as they worked to resolve regional differences among farmers in how their crops would be subsidized.

“Working behind closed doors, the leaders of the House and Senate agriculture committees and their aides have been rushing to write a bill that would reduce farm spending but still guarantee that grain and cotton growers can continue to count on government payments to supplement their income. The lawmakers want to get the bill included in a deficit-reduction plan that a congressional supercommittee is supposed to have ready by Thanksgiving.

“Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said the farm bill writers were moving toward developing a new revenue-protection program like the one he and other senators have proposed with some changes necessary to satisfy Southern farmers.”