November 17, 2019

Farm Bill; Budget Issues; Ag Economy; and Animal Agriculture

Farm Bill Issues

A news release yesterday from Sen. Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) stated that, “Agriculture leaders from across the country gathered today [in Fargo] for  ‘2012 Farm Bill: Issues and Challenges,’ a conference organized by Senator Kent Conrad and Dr. Won W. Koo to report on the 2012 Farm Bill and detail major changes being proposed to the nation’s agriculture policy.

“‘With Congress weighing an array of deficit reduction proposals, including cuts to ag programs, there is a lot at stake for producers in North Dakota and across the nation,’ Senator Conrad and Dr. Koo said in a joint statement.  ‘We’ve gathered some of the smartest minds in agriculture policy here to provide insight on the next Farm Bill and detail the potential changes to farm policy.’

“Senator Conrad kicked off the two-day conference with an examination of federal budgetary constraints and the impact deficit reduction proposals will have on farmers and ranchers.  The Senator highlighted how little agriculture programs contribute to federal spending noting that, when you exclude nutrition programs, agriculture program spending represents less than 1 percent of total mandatory federal spending.”