January 21, 2020

Budget and Policy Developments; Regulations; and Biofuels

Categories: Budget /Farm Bill

Budget and Policy Developments

Janet Hook and Laura Meckler reported in today’s Wall Street Journal that, “House Speaker John Boehner, bowing to heavy pressure from fellow Republicans, agreed Thursday to a two-month extension of a payroll-tax break, ending a stalemate that had created a wedge within the party.

“The deal, which forestalls a Jan. 1 tax increase on 160 million workers, represents a retreat for the House GOP, which had been at odds with Senate Republicans and party elders who feared the party would suffer in the 2012 elections if the tax break was allowed to expire.

“The new agreement still must be approved by the House and Senate, but with most members already gone for the holidays, congressional leaders hope the compromise can be adopted Friday without a formal vote.”