December 13, 2019

Budget and Policy Issues (Farm Bill); the Ag Economy (ERS Updates); and China

Budget: Agriculture, CFTC, EPA, Trade, and Energy; and Pay Roll Tax Issue

Budget Issues: Agriculture- Farm Bill

Lori Montgomery reported in today’s Washington Post that, “President Obama rolled out an election-year budget on Monday that would delay action to reduce the national debt in favor of fresh spending on Democratic priorities aimed at rebuilding the American middle class.

“In his final budget request before facing voters in November, Obama called for $350 billion in new stimulus to maintain lower payroll taxes, bolster domestic manufacturing, lure jobs back from overseas, hire teachers, retrain workers and fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. There would be only modest trims to federal health-care programs and no changes to Social Security, the biggest drivers of future borrowing, despite last year’s raucous political debate over the federal debt.”