January 20, 2020

Farm Bill- Policy Issues; the Ag Economy; and Regulations (MF Global)

Farm Bill: House Agriculture Committee Field Hearing- Illinois

Producers Seek Certainty- While Advising, “Do No Harm.”

After a mild winter and unseasonably warm spring, in which a few Midwestern producers have already started to plant corn, five members of the House Agriculture Committee (Chairman, Frank Lucas (R., Okla.), Leonard Boswell (D., Iowa), Mike Conaway (R., Tex.), Randy Hultgren (R., Il.) and Bobby Schilling (R., Il.)) came to the 17th Congressional District on Friday to hear farm policy testimony from grain and livestock producers as the 2008 Farm Bill’s expiration draws closer.

Producers sought to assist lawmakers in an effort to bring policy clarity and direction in the midst of an increasingly volatile agricultural environment.  Illinois farmer David Erickson stated that, “I encourage your continued work to complete the farm bill legislation this year and to make it a five-year program that doesn’t rely on temporary extensions,” while Bill Gerard indicated that, “I’d like to see us pass a five year farm bill this year. We farmers are businessmen, and we depend on the stability and certainty of long term farm policy.”  Minnesota farmer John Mages added that, “We need a five year farm bill for the same reason we need long term tax policy. We need to be able to go to the banker and be able to make plans for the future.”