January 22, 2020

Ag Economy; Policy Issues; and Regulations

Agricultural Economy

Katie Micik reported yesterday at DTN that, “Farmers are coming off one of their most profitable years in history and few expect a repeat, according to the latest DTN/The Progressive Farmer Agriculture Confidence Index.

“They remain cautiously optimistic, with an overall survey value of 108.5, but show great divides when asked about their present situation and their expectations for the future. Farmers assess their present situation at a strongly positive value of 140.2, while expectations for the next 12 months notch a pessimistic low at 87.4.

“A value of 100 is considered neutral with higher values indicating optimism and lower values indicating pessimism. DTN surveyed 500 farmers and ranchers across the country between Feb. 27 and March 9. DTN conducts the survey before planting, before harvest and after harvest.”