January 27, 2020

Farm Bill; Food Safety; Ag Economy; and Regulations

Farm Bill: Revenue Loss Assistance Program- Regional Policy Perspectives

A news release yesterday from Sen. Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) indicated that, “Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven [R., N.D.] met with agricultural and agribusiness leaders from across North Dakota today to detail bipartisan legislation they crafted that will maintain a critical safety net for North Dakota farmers and serve as a major component of a new Farm Bill.

“‘We are facing serious budget constraints that make the development of this new Farm Bill more challenging than anything we’ve seen in the past,’ Senator Conrad said.  ‘Senator Hoeven and I carefully crafted our legislation with the help of North Dakota’s producers. They told us that we need to maintain a strong crop insurance program. This legislation does just that while also contributing to deficit reduction.’

“‘Producers throughout our state have been telling us that good crop insurance is the foundation of a strong farm safety net and their number one priority,’ Hoeven said. ‘That is just what we have worked to craft in this bipartisan legislation, which is the most cost-effective approach that will enable us to save money to help reduce the deficit, while providing our farmers and ranchers with strong support.’”