January 27, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Regulations (MF Global); and Renewable Fuels

Farm Bill- Policy Issues

Rep. Tom Rooney (R., Fla.), the Chairman of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry, was a guest on yesterday’s AgriTalk radio program with Mike Adams where a portion of the discussion focused on Farm Bill issues.  An audio replay of this portion of yesterday’s AgriTalk discussion with Chairman Rooney and Mike Adams is available here (MP3- 6:42), while an unofficial transcript of this portion of the conversation can be downloaded here.

With respect to the prospects of completing a Farm Bill by September, Chairman Rooney indicated that, “Well, despite the fact that this Congress has been very partisan and very polarized, I am somewhat optimistic that because our chairman, Chairman [Frank] Lucas [R., Okla.], has been able to work with Democrats in the Senate previously this year on what language would be and what cuts would be made, that there is a framework in place right now, as we speak, at least amongst members of the House and the Senate, on the agriculture committees.

“Whether or not we can expand that to getting enough votes in the greater House and the Senate and send something to the president remains to be seen, but I think that the Senate is going to start taking this up in April and May, and then we will begin to take it up in May and June. That’s what Chairman Lucas has told me.”

Chairman Rooney added that, “But again, trying to be the optimist here, we do have some agreements, we do have some framework in place, and a lot of members on both sides of the aisle that represent agricultural districts tend, from what I understand – and this is my first farm bill – to put partisanship aside for this kind of a vote.”