January 27, 2020

Farm Bill (Mark-up Postponed); House Appropriations; and BSE

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Farm Bill: Senate Ag Committee Mark-up Postponed

David Rogers reported last night at Politico that, “After a steady drumbeat of Southern grumbling, the Senate Agriculture Committee abruptly announced Tuesday night that it was postponing action on its new draft farm bill, a 900-page giant promising $26.4 billion in savings over the next decade, largely by ending the current system of direct cash payments and reinvesting in new forms of crop insurance.”

A statement from Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) noted that, “‘The Agriculture Committee has made significant progress and have bipartisan agreement on the bulk of the Farm Bill.  We are committed to continuing to work together in a bipartisan way as we come to agreement on a few outstanding issues.  This is a bill that impacts 16 million jobs and a huge sector of America’s economy, and it is important that we move prudently to create the best possible product.’

“A new date and time for the rescheduled hearing will be announced shortly.”

And Ranking Member Pat Roberts (R., Kan.) noted yesterday that, “I support Chairwoman Stabenow’s decision to postpone the Farm Bill mark-up scheduled for tomorrow morning. Significant bipartisan progress has been made on many sections of the bill. Just a few issues remain to be worked out. I have given the Chairwoman my commitment to getting this job done. I’m confident the Committee can move forward in a bipartisan manner in the near future.”