December 10, 2018

Farm Bill and Policy Issues; and, Biofuels

Categories: Ethanol /Farm Bill

Farm Bill and Policy Issues

David Rogers reported yesterday at Politico that, “Setting the stage for floor debate next month, the Senate Agriculture Committee formally filed its new farm bill with the full chamber late Thursday, after making final adjustments in a supplemental crop insurance option to ensure a lower-cost score from the Congressional Budget Office.

“Midwest popcorn producers and a desert terminal lakes program— important to Nevada and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—were also the subject of new language. But the much bigger issue—and dollars—centered on revisions to clarify that farmers who enroll in the new supplemental coverage will be subject to a 10 percent deductible.

“Committee staff said this was always the intent going back to when the bill was first reported from the panel in late April. And the clarification was required now only because of a change since then in the CBO’s scoring methodology.”