January 19, 2020

Farm Bill and Policy Issues; Budget; and, the Agricultural Economy

Farm Bill: Senate Process, Lawmaker Perspective- Amendments

The Need-To-Know Memo (Email update from National Journal) stated yesterday that, “Backers hope early this week to nail down a deal on amendments that will allow passage of a farm bill by Friday. Lack of an agreement could endanger the bill and it is unclear if the Senate Agriculture Committee’s ranking member, Pat Roberts, R-Kans., can convince his GOP conference members to accept a limited number of non-germane amendments that Democrats will accept. Opposition from southern Republicans is also a hurdle.”

Pete Kasperowicz reported yesterday at The Hill’s Floor Action Blog that, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Monday that Republicans are once again forcing the Senate to move at a snail’s pace to pass legislation that creates jobs, which he said shows their ongoing effort to hurt President Obama.

“‘It’s a shame that we have now wasted 30 hours post-cloture on this bill,’ Reid said on the Senate floor. ‘It’s a bill that passed by 90 senators agreeing we should move for debate on this bill.’

“‘Republicans have made a decision that they would rather do anything they can to stop jobs from being created, hoping it will help them with the elections come November,’ Reid charged. ‘Too often in this Congress, the Republican strategy has been to kill job-creating bills in the hopes of harming the economy and hurting President Obama.’”

(A portion of Senator Reid’s comments from yesterday can be heard hereFarmPolicy audio (MP3- 2:13)).

Yesterday’s update added that, “Reid said he is continuing to work with senators on a deal outlining which amendments to the farm bill could come up for a vote.”