January 18, 2020

Farm Bill; EPA Issues; and; Trade

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Farm Bill: Senate Overview

Paul Kane reported in today’s Washington Post that, “To the purported short­list of certainties in life — death and taxes — add large, bipartisan support in the Senate for the farm bill.

“Despite the pattern in recent years of intense partisan acrimony, backroom bickering and publicly staged fights over nearly every piece of legislation, the Senate has begun to plod through a nearly $1 trillion farm bill that is likely to get a bipartisan vote for its approval by week’s end.”

The Post article noted that, “Republicans, who are in the minority in the Senate, said the chamber can still function if the Democrats in charge allow it to happen. The farm bill is the latest in a string of measures that went through what insiders call ‘regular order’ — a committee drafted a bill over several months, sent it to the larger Senate and, after haggling, Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) agreed to allow a few dozen amendments.”

And, Manu Raju reported earlier this week at Politico that, “No, Reid and [Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.)] aren’t about to solve the nation’s fiscal problems and announce a historic tax and spending agreement. But on a wide range of issues before the Senate, the chamber has been functioning on a surprising level lately.

“The Senate leaders cut a massive deal to move forward with a farm bill — and allow votes on more than 70 amendments, some of which are fairly controversial.”