December 16, 2019

Farm Bill (House Draft); Ag Economy; and, Animal Agriculture

Farm Bill- House Releases Draft

Reuters writer Charles Abbott reported yesterday that, “With time running out for a new U.S. farm law, agriculture leaders in the House of Representatives insisted on Thursday on keeping traditional farm subsidies that the Senate wants to kill and called for big cuts in food stamps for the poor.

“The bill could face an uphill battle in the House because of its busy agenda and the pressure to find even bigger cuts. As well, steep cuts in food stamps would face stiff opposition when it comes time to reconcile the bill with the Senate’s version.

“The House Agriculture Committee was scheduled to vote on the package next Wednesday.  After that, the House has 18 days available for floor debate before the 2008 law expires on Sept 30. Analysts see low odds for enactment of a new law on time.”