December 15, 2019

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Talks about the U.S. Drought, Its Impact

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discussed the U.S. drought and its impact on today’s CNN “State of the Union” television program.

Sec. Vilsack also noted the importance of the House bringing the 2012 Farm Bill to the floor for a vote:

The real challenge for us though is that the USDA, the Department of Agriculture, does not have the tools it once had to help people through this difficult times. When the disaster programs of the 2008 farm bill expired on September 20 of last year, it left us with very little option in terms of being able to provide help to these folks. And that’s why it’s just imperative that the House leadership get the food, farm and jobs bill that recently went through the House ag committee on the floor and get it voted on before September 30th so we can provide additional help and assistance to these folks.”

Here is a link to the interview with Candy Crowley and Sec. Vilsack, SecVilsackCNNSOTUDrought12July15 (MP3), it goes about six minutes.