December 15, 2019

“On Point” with Tom Ashbrook (NPR)- Highlights Drought Implications

The “On Point” NPR radio program with Tom Ashbrook highlighted the ongoing impacts of the 2012 drought on today’s program- “Severe Drought Hits The U.S.

Dr. Chris Hurt from Purdue University was a guest, to listen to his overview of the current drought conditions as it relates to corn and soybeans from today’s program, just click here (MP3- 3:57).  In addition, Dr. Hurt also touched on food price implications (MP3- 0:50) from this year’s drought.

Don Duval, farmer and  president of the White County Farm Bureau in Carmi, IL also was on today’s “On Point” program, to listen to a portion of his perspective on the drought from Southern Illinois, just click here (MP3- 1:53).



2012 Drought; and Farm Bill Issues

Peter Whoriskey and Michael A. Fletcher reported in today’s Washington Post that, “A drought gripping the Corn Belt and more than half the United States has reached proportions not seen in more than 50 years, the government reported Monday, jacking up crop prices and threatening to drive up the cost of food.

“Though agriculture is a small part of the U.S. economy, the shortfall comes as the nation struggles to regain its economic footing. Last week, the Agriculture Department declared more than 1,000 counties in 26 states as natural-disaster areas.

“About 55 percent of the continental United States is now designated as in moderate drought or worse, the largest percentage since December 1956, according to the National Climatic Data Center, and the outlook is grim.”