December 16, 2019

Two-Track Farm Bill Process Unfolds as Drought Persists

Ron Hays of the Radio Oklahoma Network spoke with House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R., Okla.) on Saturday about the latest Farm Bill developments in the House.  A summary and audio replay of their discussion is available at The Oklahoma Farm Report Online.  An unofficial transcript of the Ron Hays interview with Chairman Lucas is available here.

Chairman Lucas stated that, “There are many pieces in this process going on simultaneously. I’m still working for floor time for the regular bipartisan farm bill that passed out of the House Agriculture Committee not many days ago.

But at the same time, I’m working to bring a one year extension to the floor, hopefully next week, before we go home for the August work period, that would extend the existing farm bill forward by one year, it would make some very small cuts in the direct payment program, it would take some cuts that the appropriators have done annually through the rest of this farm bill to achieve savings so that the livestock disaster provisions, which in the ’08 Farm Bill weren’t funded in the fifth year, this year would be funded, and also funded for next year.

So I’m trying, on a two-track front here, to provide certainty to producers who are dealing with the drought, yet try to get us a real five-year farm bill completed this year.”