December 15, 2019

Gov. Romney Highlights Energy Issues in Ohio

Categories: Rural America

On the second day of his campaign swing through the Hawkeye state, President Obama today highlighted energy issues and specifically talked about wind energy policy and Rural America. During the course of his remarks today in Oskaloosa, Iowa, he contrasted the administration’s view on wind energy policy with those of Mitt Romney, his GOP opponent.

However, Politico reported today that, “At the entrance of a coal mine in southeastern Ohio, Mitt Romney tried to stake a claim as the most energy-friendly candidate…[S]tanding next to a backhoe bucket filled with raw coal, Romney told the crowd that Obama, who is speaking today in Iowa, is running ads in the key swing state of Ohio saying he supports coal while telling other audiences that he thinks the nation needs only wind and solar power.

“‘I thought, how in the world can you go out there and tell people things that just aren’t true?’ Romney asked. ‘If you believe the whole answer for energy needs is wind and solar, then say that. I know he says that to some audiences out West. Then just say it.'”

Today’s article added that, “The White House and the Obama campaign have spent months working to counter GOP allegations that the president has ‘declared war on coal.'”

A portion of Gov. Romney’s remarks from today can be viewed in the following video clip.


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